Excellent Engineering Solutions for Educational Facilities

By understanding purpose, performance and future use, we bring value to educational environments.

TWR works closely with educators and architects to develop buildings and technical solutions that meet their specific needs whether it’s K-12 or higher education. Our clients’ requirements range from energy strategies that conserve scarce resources to flexible spaces that can be adapted to future needs. In educational facilities, it is essential that the buildings are cost-effective to build, run and maintain. It is also important that buildings are have pleasant environments, equipped with quality systems, that help institutions attract and retain students and staff.


Partial Project List Includes

  • Barry University (20+ projects) | Miami Shores, FL
  • M-DCPS Booker T. Washington Sr. High | Miami, FL
  • M-DCPS Claude Pepper Elementary | Miami, FL
  • M-DCPS Coral Gables Elementary | Coral Gables, FL
  • M-DCPS Dr. Michael M. Krop Sr. High | Miami, FL
  • M-DCPS Phillis Wheatley Elementary | Miami, FL
  • M-DCPS Southwest Sr. High School | Miami, FL
  • M-DCPS Administration Building | Miami, FL
  • M-DCPS North Dade Middle School | Miami, FL
  • M-DCPS Jose De Diego Middle School | Miami, FL
  • M-DCPS Kensignton Park Elementary School | Miami, FL
  • M-DCPS Twin Lakes Elementary School | Miami, FL
  • M-DCPS Park Lakes Elementary | Miami, FL
  • M-DCPS Information Technology Services Building | Miami, FL
  • M-DCPS Horace Mann Middle School | Miami, FL
  • Fisher Island Day School | Fisher Island, FL
  • Learning Experience School | Miami, FL
  • Monroe County District Schools Poinciana Elementary | Key West, FL
  • SBBC Blanche Ely High School | Pompano Beach, FL

Built in 1926, Coral Gables Elementary was faced with HVAC deficiencies that TWR was tasked with upgrading by Miami-Dade County Public Schools.